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Family relationships can be complicated.  

Counseling Connections & Associates therapy provides the kind of support, direction, and help that can make the difference in your family's relationships and overall outlook. Our Family Therapists can also reduce the chance of problems becoming worse, and relationships drifting or becoming destructive. 

Research has found that professional therapy not only improves relationships, it helps the physical and mental health of all family members. Counseling allows all members of the family to explore their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences that guide both current and past choices. 

Family therapy has many benefits to those who want to build strong, healthy, and happy families.  

Lasting family improvement rarely happens quickly but is a process that often begins through your entire family gaining perspective on past choices and behavior. Such understanding often provides insight and wisdom for future choices, resulting in positive transformations of the entire family and a more fulfilling life. 

Counseling Connections & Associates, we have therapists with specialized skill sets to work with families.   

We can help families with: 

         Loss of a family member 

         Trauma or change 

         Addiction issues 

         Adjustment issues 

         Parent / Child conflict 

         Sibling conflict 

         Separation and divorce 

         Blended family problems 

         Disruptive or hurtful behaviors 


How Counseling Connections & Associates Family Counseling Helps 


A CCA family therapist can help families improve their communication so that they can: 

         Identify underlying issues 

         Understand, accept, and respect one another's perspective 

         Feel safe in sharing their thoughts and feelings 

         Work through conflict, anger and bitterness and begin to release it in a healthy environment 

         Create healthier relationships through greater understanding, empathy and love 

Therapy helps improve the interactions and family dynamics for better functioning.  

At Counseling Connections & Associates, we offer a variety of individual counseling and therapy services for adults, teens, and children.We have everything from counseling and addiction treatment to psychiatric medication management services. During your initial visit, your provider will recommend and customize an individualized treatment plan just for you.  

Contact us to schedule an appointment!  


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