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Do you rely on alcohol, substances or compulsive behaviors to find temporary relief-despite fearing that you're damaging your long-term well-being?

At Counseling Connections & Associates, our licensed drug and alcohol counselors provide treatment and support to clients struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, and gambling addictions.  Our highly trained counselors are experienced in dual diagnosis treatment for individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring disorders describe people who are afflicted with both a mental illness and substance abuse problems.  


Dual diagnosis treatment focuses on treating both mental illness and substance abuse simultaneously in one setting.  Research has consistently supported the notion of treating both conditions at the same time in order to ensure that the client will have a full recovery. 


Substance Abuse Evaluations 



Counseling Connections & Associates is currently able to provide substance abuse evaluations, recommendations, and substance abuse treatment for adults only.  



Nebraska Standardized Model Evaluations (Nebraska State Probation)  

ASI (Adult) 


   Carly Spring, M.S., LMHP, PLADC, PCDGC  

   Greg Tvrdik, M.S., LIMHP, CPC  



For more information regarding our substance abuse services, please contact us at 402-932-2296. 



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