Why We Do What We Do

Vision + Mission + Values

We Partner with Our Clients

Life is complicated and life transitions are often hard. We are here to partner with you to help guide you through life’s challenges.

Our Practice

Counseling Connections & Associates (CCA) is a group of independently contracted clinicians offering outpatient mental health services to individuals, couples, and families. Our multidisciplinary team offers counseling, psychotherapy, chemical dependency evaluations, addiction treatment, and medication management services.

CCA’s founder, Dr. Kristi Tackett-Newburg launched her first business — Counseling Connections, LLC — in 2004. Seven years later she expanded her business model and founded Counseling Connections & Associates. Over the past 8 years, CCA has continued to grow and is currently one of Omaha’s largest group practices.

At CCA, we strive to be Omaha’s #1 Counseling Practice. We believe that openness, empathy, and a sense of humor are cornerstones of successful therapy.  Because CCA offers psychiatric and psychological treatment under one roof, we are able to accommodate a wide range of treatment options.

Vision + Mission


To build thriving and resilient communities that are able to access mental health services, tools, and support—without fear or stigma.

“It is my perpetual hope for the future that we can finally put an end to mental health stigma by changing the language surrounding mental health and by creating awareness of, appreciation for, and acceptance of mental self-care and emotional well-being.”

        — Dr. Kristi Tackett-Newburg, Founder/Owner/CEO


Our mission is to empower members of our community to become the best version of themselves using the latest research and tools that science has to offer.

Our goal is to infuse this knowledge into effective programs and interventions designed to build participants’ strengths rather than repair any weaknesses.

Our Core Values

These are the principles and beliefs that guide and motivate our every decision — as a business and as practitioners:

Act With Integrity

Acting with integrity means operating in an open, honest, reliable and authentic way both professionally and in our personal lives. This means choosing to do the right thing even when faced with difficult decisions. At CCA, we strive to maintain complete transparency with our fees, policies, and procedures. We believe that  integrity fosters trust amongst each other, with our clients, and in our dealings with others.

Be Empathetic

We broach our work with a desire to understand and help our clients gain insight into who they are and why they are hurting. We do not see our clients as problems to be solved—rather people living out dynamic and important stories. We see beyond diagnoses and symptom management and are genuinely interested in getting to know our clients and the perspectives from which they approach life.

Promote Inclusion

We honor the inherent value of every individual’s unique story, experience, and perspective. In order to best serve the diverse and unique experience of our clients, we promote the hiring of clinicians with various backgrounds, beliefs, and specialties. We strongly value each and every one of our clients’ well-being and strive to provide a professional, friendly and inclusive atmosphere in which everyone feels safe and welcomed.

Practice Realistic Optimism

We all face challenges and difficulties. In fact, no one is exempt from having a bad day, yet we have the power to remain optimistic. Unexpected problems and challenges can either ruin our day — or be viewed as opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve. At CCA, we believe in realistic optimism. It’s about seeking positivity in tough times and being hopeful and confident about the future.

Giving Back

We seek to promote and encourage community service and involvement among our stakeholders. We recognize and value the positive accomplishments that volunteers can achieve by working together. As such, we take the opportunity to donate our time and resources to organizations such as Special Olympics Nebraska or Omaha Pride to help improve our community and country.

Keep A Fun-Loving Attitude

At CCA, we try to focus on the positive and downplay competition and negativism. After all, a sense of humor is one of life's most powerful coping tools for stress. We believe that when you're able to find light among challenges, conflicts, & stress—you have an invaluable tool for letting go of frustration. This enables you to sustain a frame of mind conducive to dealing more effectively with the problem of the moment.

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